Bazil (Brasil)

With its extraordinary landscapes, abundant wildlife, extravagant festivals and energetic cities throbbing with culture and rhythm, Brazil is an incredible all-in-one destination that’s hard to beat. Occupying the bulk of South America, this is an exciting, expansive country begging to be explored.

Head to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s thrilling heartland of culture, cuisine and football, and fall in love with its incredible art and architecture, lively music and impossibly photogenic location fringed with jungle-clad mountains and sparkling beaches. It won’t take you long to see why Rio is revered as one of the world’s most exhilarating cities!

Explore the beautiful colonial city of Salvador and see why this former capital is renowned for its Afro-Brazilian culture and candy-coloured architecture; relax on the gorgeous beaches of the Marau Peninsula; or snorkel the hidden caves and azure waters of the Rio de Prata, arguably Brazil’s finest ecotourism destination.

Grab your camera and visit the thundering Iguaçu Falls, one of the world’s largest and most spectacular waterfalls; explore striking table-top mountains in the ‘Lost World’ of Chapada Diamantina; or take an unforgettable safari through the Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetland, discovering a rich ecosystem that’s home to caimans, capybaras, jaguars and more.

There’s so much to see and do here that the hardest part of your trip will be narrowing down an itinerary. Take a look at our range of unique adventures and start planning your Brazilian trip of a lifetime!

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Information about travelling to and inside Brazil.

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Our top 5 things to do in Brazil

Our Brazil tour packages soak up the monumental sights of Sugarloaf Mountain, and also delve deeper into Brazilian culture with visits to a churrascaria, Samba school and a hillside favela.

Visit a traditional Brazilian churrascaria
We’ll take you on a journey through Brazilian culture, with a visit to a churrascaria, a traditional Brazilian barbecue where meat is cooked in churrasco style. We’ll have churrascaria dinners while enjoying folkloric performances of Samba and Tango, and we’ll even learn how to make the perfect caipirinha.

Ascend Sugarloaf Mountain by cable car
Board a cable car and take to the clouds, as you glide up Sugarloaf Mountain. This monumental mountain is one of the most famous peaks of Rio de Janeiro, towering 396 metres over the harbour, and you’ll make it to the top for spectacular views over the bay and city.

See how the country prepares for the annual Rio Carnival
When you join our Brazil group tours, you’ll dive into culture with a visit to a local Samba school. Discover how the school prepares for the pageantry of the annual Rio Carnival, see the colourful costumes and feel the rhythms of Samba as you experience an exciting dance lesson.

Take a walking tour around Santa Teresa
Santa Teresa is a gorgeous hillside district, built around a convent during the 16th century. It was once home to upper-class residents, although it’s now the home of artists with many galleries and museums. We’ll show you around the beautiful architecture, bohemian atmosphere and sweeping views of the city below.
Visit one of Rio de Janeiro’s hillside favelas
Join our Local Specialists on a journey into Rocinha, one of the hillside favelas of Rio de Janeiro. You’ll see the daily lifestyles of the locals of Rocinha, visit a community school, and you’ll also have the chance to interact with locals and gain a deeper understanding of Brazilian culture.

Best museums in Brazil

See the country’s top museums on our Brazil holiday tours, from a collection of Brazilian art to a digital insight into the future.
Rio de janeiro.

Museum of Tomorrow (Museu do Amanhã)
Housed in an incredible futuristic building, the Museum of Tomorrow shares a glimpse of life in the future. The museum displays digital ideas rather than objects, and predicts the future based on social, environmental and economic factors. You can spend hours exploring interactive experiments and exhibitions on a sustainable future.

Rio de janeiro
Rio Art Museum
The Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR) tells the history of Rio de Janeiro through art. You’ll find traditional and contemporary Brazilian works of art, including paintings, photographs and sculptures. The museum is housed in a striking building, with a wavy roof canopy that appears to float above the building.

Sao paulo
Museum of Modern Art
Located in Sao Paulo, the Museum of Modern Art (MASP) has one of the best collections of European art in Latin America, with artworks by Rembrandt, Monet, Van Gogh, Botticelli, Picasso and Renoir. The museum building is also a fantastic piece of architecture, perched on large pillars.

Best food in Brazil

Our group tours in Brazil will introduce you to the delicious Brazilian cuisine, from deep-fried chicken croquettes to sweet desserts sprinkled with chocolate and coconut.

The Brigadeiro is a popular Brazilian dessert made from a mix of condensed milk, cocoa powder and butter, shaped into small balls and showered in chocolate sprinkles. It’s named after Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes, a Brazilian war hero, and can be found in bakeries across the country.

Coxinhas are the quintessential snack of Brazil. These beloved deep-fried treats are made from breaded and fried dough filled with potato and chicken, and shaped in a triangular cone. You can find these everywhere, from street stalls to lavish restaurants.

Beijinho de Coco
The coconut version of the brigadeiro, Beijinho de Coco are one of the most favourite desserts in Brazil. They’re made from condensed milk, coconut milk, butter, covered with sugar or grated coconut. They’re a classic treat at birthday parties and you can find them in bakeries all over Brazil.

What to pack for Brazil

Portuguese phrasebook
Unlike the majority of Latin America, the official language of Brazil is Portuguese. Learning a few phrases is always appreciated and will help you connect with the locals.

Brazil is famed for its golden coastline and has some of the world’s best beaches. Pack a swimsuit to soak up the sun and the dazzling waters.

Sunglasses and sunscreen
As one of the sunniest destinations in the world, sunglasses and sunscreen are essential items in Brazil. Be sure to pack UV-protected sunglasses and SPF 30 sunscreen or higher.

Adaptor plug
In Brazil the standard voltage is 127 / 220 V and the power plugs and sockets are of type N. The standard frequency is 60 Hz.

Versatile shoes
You’ll need to pack shoes that can take you from exploring hillside favelas and traversing jungles, to dancing the Samba in Rio de Janeiro.