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Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Trek Full Day

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain, Cusco, PERU


1 Day


No Cancellation

Group Size

10 people


English, Espanol, Português


Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Trek

1 day Tour.

Palcoyo Mountain is located a few kilometers further south from the famous Mountain of 7 Colors. In the same mountain range of Vilcanota in the District of Pitumarca province of Canchis, more than 110 km.
Palcoyo the mountain range of colors or the rainbow mountains are a set of 03 mountains that are located in the Andes mountain range, precisely in the district of Checacupe of the province of Canchis in the department of Cusco at a height of 4900 meters above the sea level, framed in almost 9000 hectares of beautiful Andean landscapes, whose attraction lies in the similarity it has to the already famous mountain of colors that is about 20 kilometers away, because like this it has a wide mineral composition that result in multiple colors that together resemble a rainbow whose background is a landscape of snowy mountain ranges to which it once belonged. This impressive attraction is also a gift from global warming, since it was within sight when it thawed.

Useful Information: Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour Full Day

  • Begin from: Cusco
  • End in: Cusco
  • Duration: 01 Day
  • Daily departures from our office in Cusco.
  • Hours: 04: am to 18:00 pm (Group Service leaves from our Office)
  • Pick up from Hotel for Private Groups (04:00)
  • This is a MUST DO tour in Cusco – NOT to be missed !

Driving Distance from Cusco: (76 Miles / 125 KM)
Driving time: 4 and a half hours one way, including breakfast time for an hour halfway and 4 hours back, including lunch time.
Elevation of the beginning of the Walk: (15,400 feet / 4,700 masl.)
Difficulty: Easy.
Hiking distance: (2.5 ML / 4 KM round trip)
Horse rental: Does not exist.
Walking time: Walking to the last viewpoint (with some breaks along the way) is approx. 45 minutes. After all, the return to the bus station takes 30 minutes.
Trail: Dirt trail at the beginning, then there is a cobbled trail that runs down one side of the mountain to the last lookout point. It is mostly flat with a gradual ascent. Then to the top, the stone forest site is a zigzag trail of about 200 meters up to the 20 minute walk.
Photo sessions: From time to time, locals appear on the road, walking with an alpaca offering a photo session. In return, they just want a tip.
Maximum elevation: (16,076 feet / 4900 masl.)
Tour duration: 10 hours.
Elevation Difference During Hike: (656ft / 200m)

Places that are visited in Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour

  • Combapata
  • Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain

What you need to take:

  • For this one-day activity, try to bring the most essential trekking implements, a good feather or nylon jacket that keeps you warm, excellent hiking shoes, gloves, sunglasses, a small backpack, and extra money in soles for your personal expenses. And most importantly, bring the best adventurous spirit, always drawing the best smile for the wonders that THE PALCOYO RAINBOW MOUNTAIN.

Group Service Price:

    US$65  per person  (just included the tour guide and transportation), Pick up from your hotel.

Private Service Price:

    US$150 for the whole group (up to 8 people), Not per person!
    Aditional person: USD 15.00

 **   Please NOTE: Private Tours are 100% run by Inkaland while in the Group Service if there are 6 or less people in the group will be conducted by our partners.

This is a Must DO tour in Cusco!

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  • The red river of Palcoyo, very close to Palcoyo there is a small tributary of water that during the rainy season increases its flow, dragging with it the reddish earth of the land in which it is located, and with this this river takes on the same color that has caught the attention of multiple visitors.
  • Here you walk away from the crowds of tourists. Palcoyo is about three red mountains that are distributed a short distance from south to north.
  • Discover the stone forest from the top you can see the three mountains together, you have a 360 ° view and the Ausangate mountain range in the background.
  • Experience the sensation of being in a calm and serene place
  • Local people dressed in their native costumes, with one or two alpacas. If anyone dares to take a picture with them, they can ask for it and in return a small tip.
  • Cultural Stop at Checacupe for Traditional Rope Bridge anda Church Visit.

What you will do

Pre-trek briefing: The night before your trek to Palcoyo Mountain
For our Palcoyo Mountain 1 Day Hike, we’ll provide you a thorough briefing at your accommodation in Cusco at 5:00 pm, the night before your trek, and you can take this opportunity to ask final questions and make any final preparations.
04:00 - The trek to Palcoyo Mountain 1 Day Tour
Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour Full Day

Cusco – Combapata - Palccoyo – Cusco

We begin our day with pick-up from the hotel at 4:00 am and begin our drive towards the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain trailhead. Located south of Cusco, we drive for approximately 4hrs in private transport. After 1 hour, we will enjoy our breakfast then we keep driving.

Along the way, we see beautiful Andes mountains as well as lush green valleys, local people working in their land, hundreds of alpacas and llamas. If we are lucky we will stop for vicuñas and observe them in their natural free state. When we get to Apacheta, we will begin our hike towards to Palcoyo Mountain. After hiking 10 minutes we get the viewpoint from where you enjoy the first Rainbow Mountain. We take pictures and drink our wáter. Then we hike another 10 minutes we get to the second viewpoint where we will take picture of the second Mountain. Then we hike another 10 minutes to the third viewpoint and you will be impressed by the third mountain. This viewpoint is the place from where you take the classic Postcard Picture of Palcoyo.

After enjoying the beautifil colorful mountains, we will hike back to the Trailhead. Then we take the van for about 2 hours until Ttio town where will have our lunch in local house prepared by our Chef. After enjoying our delicious meal, we drive another 1 hour and half until Cusco. We will drop you off in your hotel at 06:00 pm roughly.

Important Note:: The trek to Palcoyo Mountain 1 Day Tour
While we expect the tour will run as the itinerary describes to : The trek to Palcoyo Mountain 1 Day Tour Participants should accept that there is the possibility of changes, being necessary liable to local conditions, strikes, natural disasters, these changes might be at the discretion of your travel company.
You Must Bring: The trek to Palcoyo Mountain 1 Day Tour
• Original passport
• Comfortable hiking pants
• Down jacket, or a warm jacket
• Trekking shoes with protector’s ankle, or similar
• Hiking long sleeve T-shirts
• Rain jacket/poncho
• Winter hat and gloves
• Rain pants
• Sunblock (factor 35+ recommended, the sun can be strong)
• Water for the trek (recommend at least 2L)
• Sunglasses and sun hat
• Camera and films with spare batteries (note: batteries run down faster at high altitudes)
• Trekking poles (recommended especially for the steep descents, can be rented from us)
• Toilet paper, and face tissue paper
• Extra money (American dollars and Peruvian soles in cash – little coins for toilet) and also for souvenirs, drinks and tips.


  • English speaking guide, plus an assistant guide for a big group.
  • First aid kit, including oxygen.
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Private transportation to and from your hotel in Cusco.
  • Cultural Stop at Checacupe for Traditional Rope Bridge anda Church Visit
  • Entrance fees to Palcoyo Mountain.
  • Pick up and drop off from the hotel.
  • Pre-Trek briefing the night before the trek to go over the itinerary, meet your guide(s) and answer any questions.
  • Flight
  • Hotel before/after the tour
  • Dinner is not included on this hike
  • Horse to ride – you can add a horse to ride if you prefer
  • Walking poles (poles must have intact rubber bottoms)
  • Water for the hike – please fill your bottles/bladder before you depart
  • Items of a personal nature and souvenirs
  • Travel interruption and travel medical/evacuation insurance (required)
  • Tip for your guide is optional but sometimes extra is always welcome, especially considering their work



Activity's Location

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain, Cusco, PERU


When and where does the tour start?
Cusco City. We begin our day with pick-up from the hotel at 4:00 am and begin our drive towards the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain trailhead.
When and where does the tour end?
Your tour will conclude in Cusco city!
We will drop you off in your hotel at 06:00 pm roughly.
Do you arrange airport transfers?
Airport transfers are not included in the price of this tour, however you can book for an arrival transfer in advance. In this case a tour operator representative will be at the airport to greet you. To arrange this please contact our customer service team once you have a confirmed booking.
When was the PALCOYO MOUNTAIN Discovered?
When the number of visitors increased greatly to the mountain of 7 colors in 2017, it was when the residents of Palcoyo (an Andean community) realized that they also had an attraction that resembled the mountain of 7 colors. They had the red mountains of Palcoyo, which only they knew about.
They were organized internally. They understood the benefits that tourism activity brought. They began to promote and open the way to those red mountains, which are three in total and still as a plus it has its stone forest that completes the adornment of the landscape. This is how Palcoyo made himself known during 2018, he went throughout Peru and continued around the world. Thanks to its visitors who increasingly recommended as an alternative walk to the mountain of 7 colors.
Good hiking gear is always necessary and however easy the hike may seem. We must never underestimate and be confident because we do not know what can happen. Here are the recommendations, the essentials you should bring for when you go to the Palcoyo mountain.
Palcoyo Mountain is located a few kilometers further south from the famous Mountain of 7 Colors. In the same mountain range of Vilcanota in the District of Pitumarca province of Canchis, more than 110 km.
What is the Weather like in PALCOYO MOUNTAIN?
As in the entire region, Palcoyo is governed by the two defined seasons that Cusco has, it is worth emphasizing that the rainy season is between the months of November and the first days of April, the remaining months between the last days of April and the last days of October, the whole region is in a dry and cold period. Thus, also taking into account the 4900 meters at which this place is located, it is normal to find a frozen landscape whose thermal sensation does not exceed 15 degrees even on one of the hottest days.
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