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Lima is an entertaining, friendly and gourmet city. It was the most prized jewel of the Spanish colonies and for 300 years the wealthiest city in the Americas. Instead of raising palaces for its kings, Lima built grand churches that guard valuable collections of masterpieces and constructed mansions for the aristocracy. Its historic center was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1991, yet it is much more than this illustrious title. Lima is also a city of fascinating museums that exhibit treasures that were uncovered at archeological sites from pre-Hispanic cultures. Then again, there is also the district of Miraflores, lying on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, facing both the open sea and modern life, where avant-garde condominiums rise sparkling into the sky and glittering shopping malls are within walking distance of each other. You can also find such modernity in San Isidro, with its lovely residential neighborhoods, large parks and restaurants and open air cafes filled with lively conversations.

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